Monday, July 4, 2011

# 9 growing a centimeter overnight !!

a water slide, be it a small and simple one or a  highly-structured elaborate maze, is sure to capture a child's fancy, anytime, anywhere. the imperial palace resort in mactan boasts of  a water park like no other in cebu. the long and winding giant water slides, the park's main attraction, make for great bragging rights. a 15-year old, a couple of 11-year olds and an 8-year old just couldn't get enough.

due to its elevation and the twists and turns along the whole stretch of the slides, a height requirement is imposed. one has to be at least four feet to get on them. 

the easiest and kid-friendliest one among the three is the white open-type slide. the green one, being the tubular kind, is not for the claustrophobic. this is tete's favorite. after some hesitation, yangi soon got the hang of this one, too.  

the red and white one, with the spinning motion in the big bowl before the stomach-heaving drop into a 6-ft deep pool, is definitely only for the daring and the fearless. count dudud in in this category.

on her first try to measure up to the height chart, wawa fell short of a centimeter. the lifeguard refused to let her in. this was a big blow to an eight-year old kid. not wanting to be left out, she tried again the next day. there was a different lifeguard on duty. with moral support from tete, yangi and dudud, she went up to the chart and made it to 4 feet, according to the lifeguard. 

priceless joy and bragging rights!!

a very considerate lifeguard on duty - isn't that awesome?


  1. What about the 47 year old? Ha ha

  2. The slides are awesome!!!!!! At the end of the slide, a big splash!!!!!!