Tuesday, July 26, 2011

# 17 by virtue of the powers vested in me ......

as President of the Republic of the Philippines, do hereby declare August 30, 2011, tuesday, as a non-working holiday in observance of Eid ul-Fitr, the end of Ramadan.  

Malacanang, the office of the President, is set to make this announcement.  hold the cheers and the high-fives, just hold it for a minute. there is more good news! our National Heroes Day is celebrated every last sunday of august; hence, the monday after is a non-working holiday.  it could have been easier to declare the last monday of august as national heroes day instead, don't you think? 

ours is a predominantly Catholic nation; however, there is a large Filipino-Muslim community in the country.  a day held sacred by their religion is proclaimed a holiday for all, in the name of peace and solidarity.

we, hard-working and dedicated members of the labor force, are holiday-starved. we live for an announcement such as this.  the multitude of us, men and women of action - eight to fivers or nine to sixers, breadwinners, white, pink or blue-collared job holders, single, married or the 'it's complicated' bunch, paycheck-to-paycheck survivors, tightwads and spendthrifts alike - relish a four-day weekend. an early announcement to that effect gives us enough time to lay down our game plan.

go ahead, fellow members of the force, call your favorite resort and ask if they have an overnight promo rate for that weekend.  regular rates do not apply to us;  it is far beyond our means. or check if the malls have any big sale coming up on those dates.  or maybe plan a long run.  or ask your teen masterchef to have a bake-athon. or schedule an extreme make-over home edition without the fancy cosmetic renovation, just some general cleaning.  or maybe just be lazy. 

a four-day weekend on the horizon ---- now, isn't that awesome?

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  1. I'll take a four-day weekend anytime! I think you have lots of those in the Philippines-why is that? You can't work a five day week??? :) Good times, good times