Wednesday, July 6, 2011

# 10 making all the greens !

not the greens of a golf course nor the greens of a bowl of caesar's salad. it's the green that goes with the red and yellow and is, literally, hanging over our heads. driving on the streets of cebu city is no mean feat. it takes tons of patience, a bucketful of fortitude, an extra serving of guts, a pinch of fate and a sprinkle of luck.  it is a true test to the limits of one's blood pressure reading.

at certain hours of the day, major city streets are off-limits to vans, buses, trailers and cargo trucks. once the ban is lifted, big and small vehicles, alike, elbow each other for space.

you have scheduled an early evening flight. the airport is sixteen kilometers away from your house. check-in counters close an hour before the flight. you have calculated two hours before flight schedule as enough time to get to the airport. you call for a cab but all are taken. ten minutes go by and still no cab. minutes ticking away, your panic button is pushed. you finally find a cab with an hour and a half to go. you brace yourself for end-of-day rush hour traffic. 

your cab crosses the first intersection, barely making it before the lights turn red. miraculously, everything after that is all green or just skirting the green.

you wonder what good you have done today to deserve all this luck.  you get to the airport with five minutes to spare. isn't that awesome? 


  1. stoplights......hmmmmmm......

    (its supposed to be a stoplight, with no colors.)

  2. Really, all that? Geesh, me a little American tackled driving in Cebu like a Pro. Just as Nanna and Gloria :)