Sunday, July 24, 2011

# 16 such a burst of joy !!

turn the heat up, baby, we're on fire..... so come on, come on !!!

the first strain of the themesong of your favorite show starts to play and you get up from where you've been sitting. you start to dance to the music, bouncing with so much gusto like you haven't heard the song in a long while. the truth is, your favorite show is a cooking reality show that goes on air everyday with next-day replays that you  would tirelessly watch.  at the 31:02-second mark of the opening credits, your favorite contestant graces the tv screen and your dance goes up a notch. when was the last time you did this? or did you ever get to dance this way at all? 

every night, we are treated to such a display of bubbly disposition. yangi, our resident entertainer shows us why being a kid is so much better than being an adult. with a mop of curly hair swish-swaying away, she dances with so much energy, you would think her limbs would detach anytime.  she is shy and reserved in the company of others but she is a comic at heart.  today our comic turns a year older. she is now at the ripe old age of twelve. 

this note from yangi  taped on the wall holds a promise of a 30-minute massage. it is enough incentive for the massage-hounds that we are to shamelessly look up the correct song.   it is a fruitless effort as the song is nowhere to be found online.

one to leave random notes, it is not a surprise to find yet another note from yangi. on  a hot summer afternoon, she expresses her innermost thought.  this one is a no nonsense statement that needs a quick solution. how do you solve a problem such as this?

always playfully (they both claim it is for real) at odds with each other, tete shows yangi that she has a soft spot for her.  she stays up till one in the morning to bake a very special chocolate cake for the celebrant. yangi is touched and gives tete a big hug.  the cake is a big hit !!

her jokes are signature yangi jokes. only she can deliver the punchlines with precise timing and deadpan style.  she can put spongebob to shame!  she can be serious, too, and compassionate and diligent.

happy birthday, my yangi girl !! i love you.  such a burst of joy, you truly are!! that time when a kid is at the springtide of life -- far from being a baby but not quite a teen - isn't that awesome?


  1. I made that cake!!!! :D

  2. yangi must have gotten nanna's sense of humor which she got from lolo sauro:)

  3. Hi..i love that masterchef u kno who sings it?

    happy b-day :D


  4. I have searched for that dang song and can't find it anywhere, are we sure it really exists??? As for the comic-yangi, well I am ready to go head to head and share wit-now that she is older do you think she can handle it :)