Monday, July 18, 2011

#14 feeding frenzy !!

this one is without the deadly predators of the well-known computer game.  not a hint of violence here, just a sight that fills one with awe - refreshing and relaxing awe.

koi (plural: koi) is the japanese term for carp, domesticated species of fish. they are known for its vivid colors - crimson red, fiery orange, golden yellow, sapphire blue, dark burgundy - and of course the more traditional black and white.  their metallic scales and distinct markings give them added sparkle and make them perfect for decorative purposes. koi can grow to as big as three feet.  imagine a big colored koi, gracefully swimming by its lonesome. that in itself is a pleasing sight! imagine close to a hundred koi at your feet in a play of colors, all jumping around. put in a generous spray of sunshine to spotlight their watery stage and you've got a spectacle right in front of you.  no wonder koi are referred to as living jewels.  

 to the koi's delight, dudud and wawa think they deserve more food than necessary.

wawa is mesmerized and won't take her eyes off.   tete thinks one more handful won't hurt.

dudud says its time to slow down but the koi say otherwise.

 yangi  favors a particular koi and names it big bob.

 the koi refused to leave and the kids couldn't say no to them.

no computer game needed for this feeding frenzy. just a fun day at the beach and a koi feeding experience for the kids  --  isn't that awesome?


  1. koi!!!!!! so many koi!!!!!! koi and koi and koi!!!!!! I like koi. :)

  2. Oh so you have koi there :) We have koi here too. Here a koi, there a koi, everywhere a koi koi :) Good times Good times. Agreed-no need for vidjo games here!

  3. Keng-koi indeed :) Good times, Good times he he