Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#13 when the band comes marchin' in!

subtitle:  definitely not for the squeamish !

a favorite snack during the good ole' high school days was the fresh chinese lumpia. a 'lumpia' is the filipino version of the spring roll. the chinese lumpia, however, is the healthier variation of the traditional roll as it is mostly vegetable-filled and is not fried.  a food stall at a big grocery just a block away from the old high school sold this sought-after snack.  through the years, the stall has withstood the grocery's temporary closure and subsequent change of owners.  it hasn't moved an inch; it still occupies the same space. the female attendant who served the orders a hundred years ago (okay, much less than a hundred) is still manning the counter but now with a crown of white hair quite clear from a distance.

the fresh chinese lumpia is made of shredded carrots, cabbage, green beans, bean curd and ubod (heart of palm) with a sprinkling of ground pork and peanuts  and spices for flavor.  this is topped with a choice of either hot or regular sauce and wrapped in thin egg roll crepe.

fast forward several years and the chinese lumpia is still served for snacks, this time, to be shared by everyone in the office.  each one takes one roll each.  there are only two rolls left on the plate and an officemate reaches out for one and you take the remaining one.

everyone is relishing the goodness of the snack and mighty proud of the choice of healthy food.  the officemate who preceded you in taking the roll chomps on hers and stops midway....bites again and stops again. the roll refuses to give. 

  enough said for healthy food, the band of the rubber kind comes marchin' in !!!  in her haste (and age), the food attendant apparently included a stray rubber band in the mix. 

two rolls left on the plate and your officemate beats you to the spoiled one.  you miss the band by a hairline. isn't that awesome?


  1. I know don't say "yuck" to food :)

  2. i kid you not, this was analou's lumpia :)