Monday, July 11, 2011

# 12 saving for rainy days !

they come in different forms. some are tin candy cans, others are wooden boxes. some are store-bought, others are make-shift.  some are eye-catching, others are dull. most are nowhere near the original pig shape.  they serve only one purpose and that is to store the most ignored item of value - coins. piggy bank, coin bank, money box - we all have it. as kids, we would keep our eyes open for coins left on table tops. as adults, we would absent-mindedly toss loose change from our pockets into that box in the corner.  it is a permanent fixture in our lives, a habit that refuses to go over the years. oftentimes, it would take a couple of years before it gets filled up and then it is time to open it up. this momentous occasion is usually witnessed by a bunch of excited kids. 

the stash isn't exactly enough to prepare a feast but the joy of counting it coin by coin is more than its worth in gold (or silver.......or whatever metal alloy was used).

yangi's words:  spongebob taught me the value of the penny. he also taught me the value of the dime and the cent but i just forgot it.

breaking a coin bank, pouring out the coins and letting kids count them. isn't that awesome?


  1. OH yes so very awesome. I remember this picture, but I don't remember what they were counting coins for. Was it something they wanted to buy? No matter, did you know the term "piggy bank" was "coined" in White Cloud, Kansas? Check it out :)

  2. my candy can was up to the brim na with coins and i told them that we'd count the coins before we leave for hongkong so we'll have extra baon :) of course, we had to change it to bills first :)

    p.s. is white cloud on the prairie, too? :)