Thursday, July 21, 2011

#15 her name is lola...

and yes, barry, she does the chacha but not at the copa.  her name isn't exactly lola but lola is grandmother in this part of the world.  she is 84 today....84 and still swaying to the beat of the chacha and the tango.

eight-four years calls for a celebration.  when a baby turns one, the circus comes to town. turning seven, a kid becomes a disney princess.  at thirteen, the celebrant and the guests whoop it up with a song and dance routine.  a debut celebrates the coming of age while the golden is the halfway point, the now-is-the-time-i-make-my-mark-it's-now-or-never birthday. from there on, one either grows better with years just like fine wine or goes flat and off-flavor just like stale beer.  

an adorable cupcake tower and rose-colored cake took centerstage during last year's birthday celebration.  beautiful arrangements of flowers and fruits made the picture as vibrant as the celebrant. the water dispenser refused to budge and wanted to be in the frame, too.  

at eighty-four, storms have been weathered and rough waves conquered.  at this age, no phrase is more apt than 'been there, done that' to anything and everything. now is the time to relax and bask in the love and affection of family. there is a secret to a long and fruitful life but she's not telling. her lips are sealed. that is why it is called a secret, she says.

another pink creation for the celebrant, another celebration in thanksgiving for countless blessings.

happy birthday, lola ding !! may the good Lord shower you with more blessings and surround you with even more love than you already have. eighty-four years and still dancing!!!  isn't that awesome?


  1. Happy Birthday, Lola Ding! :D

  2. Happy Birthday from abroad Lola :) and as the blog says-here's to wishing you many more!