Friday, July 8, 2011

# 11 advantage, ma'am?

yes, you do have it so you take it out and hand it to the cashier.  a blue plastic card is what it is. countless times, you've been asked for this card and countless times, you've handed it to them. you don't really know when you'll ever get to use the points. or how many points you have. or if you'll ever get to use the points at all before they expire.  you just take it for granted, is all.

almost, if not, all business establishments have their own version of the loyalty card program.  in appreciation of your loyalty, SM gives you this advantage card (that you have to pay for and that expires every two years).  

you buy some baking utensils for your teen masterchef. you fall in line at the cashier's counter, waiting for your turn.  adding up your purchases mentally, you have an idea of how much cash you need to prepare.  the cashier rings up your purchases.  after swiping your advantage card, she looks up and says 'would you like to use your points?'  you are taken aback.  you ask 'use it? now?'  in your many shopping jaunts before, no one has ever offered to do that.  she says you have P257 worth of points that you can use against your purchase.  would you like to use it? right off the bat, you say 'yes, please and thank you.'

an unexpected advantage!!  isn't that awesome?

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  1. Voss/Teacher VickiJuly 11, 2011 at 8:25 AM

    Sigurado! I want to use those points! Need to get the goods to the junior masterchef and have pesos for later experiments :)