Saturday, October 29, 2011

# 45 being elmo!

you just have to love this fiery red forever-three-year-old furry package.

fascinated by a witty elmo. charmed by an affectionate elmo. entertained by a playful elmo.  he can cast that kind of magic spell.  elmo does.  he has his way of endearing himself to kids of all ages.  for most of their early childhood, elmo is their friend.  he sneaks and squirms and wiggles his way into their hearts.  no wonder big sister wawa insists that elmo should be the baby's first toy. burrowing into her box of old cast-asides, she surfaces holding a still new-looking, very huggable elmo. she rummages some more and comes up with an extensive elmo haul - elmo books, elmo CD's, elmo music player and a hodgepodge of elmo stuff. with her loot in her arms, wawa introduces elmo to the baby.   

just you and me, kid !

your eyes are luminous, elmo!!  luminous, that's a big word, don't you think? 

what big nose you have, elmo !!  this here is my little nose.  

 okay, girl, listen now,  i'm going to tell you stories of big bird, bert and ernie, mr. snuffleupagus, cookie monster, oscar the grouch.......

don't go yawnin' on me, girl !!!

some toys stay with us through the years. we refuse to throw them away.  we keep them for as long as we can. even when they are in tatters, threadbare and frayed. visual representations of precious childhood memories have a way of tugging at our hearts.  we love their distinct old-and-trusted-favorite-toy smell, too.

this one is going to be a keeper.  just by being elmo.  isn't that awesome?


  1. Elmo, I remember the craze and the craze was not just with the little ones. I can remember adults seeking to have the "Talking Elmo" doll (is it called a doll?) But just the same, the tried and true Elmo has resurfaced just in time to provide hours and hours of fun for the "new" baby. I am sure wawa is so proud to be able to share :)

  2. I like the 3rd,5th,4th,1st and 2nd pic