Friday, October 21, 2011

# 42 sign of the times!

there it stands. right in the middle of a vacant lot, overgrown grass threatening to take over its stead.

you could see the sign from a desperately-seeking-repair part of your neighborhood street.  the lot is not for sale. you have known that for the longest time. the owner does not want to sell. out of the corner of your eye, you see the phone numbers on the tarp. that got your attention.  they must be selling.  must have changed their minds.  then you see the big and bold letters telling passers-by what you have thought all along.  the lot is, indeed, not for sale.

you are as much amused as you are bemused by what the sign says.  the lot is not for sale but you can call for inquiries.  there are numbers to call.

you wonder if you should try calling those numbers (erased on purpose) and make some inquiries.  just because the sign says you may do so.

hello.... i would like to inquire why the lot is not for sale.
.... would you know of any other property for sale?
.... may i know where you had that tarpaulin sign made?

a casual sign by the road to pep you up.   isn't that awesome?


  1. Oh yes, a good laugh is always appreciated. I think if I saw this I would stand with a very puzzled and befuddled look on my face. It would catch me off guard and I probably would have to call and "inquire" as to why this lot is not for sale :) Good times, Good times!

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