Wednesday, October 12, 2011

# 40 skeletal remains !!

not something for CSI. not the halloween kind of skeleton, either. too early for that.

this one is about food. filipinos love to eat. no exaggeration there! in most households, there are three full meals and two snacks in between to partake of each day.  midnight snacks may be on the menu, too.  a full meal would consist of rice and a viand or two.  rice is staple; viands can range from the regular to the more quirky table fare.  foreigners are often horrified by tales of our gastronomic ingenuity. no parts go to waste in our kitchens.  gross as it may seem like, we find creative ways to cook innards and exterior organs and yes, even blood (of the pig). that is some fodder for your imagination. our palates are flexible, our stomachs made of sturdier linings.  call it resourcefulness.  call it intestinal fortitude.

the belly is harmless but the eyes .... seriously?  eating the eyes of a fish is not uncommon in our part of the world.  the thought is disgusting to many.  to the un-initiated to filipino ways,  fish eye-gouging is anything but delicious.  

a simple grilled fish can make a hearty meal. using one's fingers to hook out the tiny bits that stubbornly cling on to the bones is the best way to do it.  a completely stripped yet unbroken skeleton of a fish is all that remains on the plate.  isn't that awesome?  BURP


  1. Lets just say that I learned long ago not to ever say "yuck" to food, so I won't. But what I will say is this truly is a "Foreign Concept" to me. Good times, Good times!