Tuesday, October 4, 2011

# 38 take my breath away !!

tom cruise. top gun. fighter jets making high speed passes. remember how you swooned over him?  he took your breath away, didn't he? this song was the movie's love theme.  you played it on auto replay on your cd player for a long time.  of course, this was way before the age of the mp3 players. now they have upped the number and it is mp6.  seems like mp's are hopscotching away. 

how do you take one's breath away?  the tried and tested way is through your own sweet-smelling breath. a blast of freshness.  a clincher, that one is!  a garlicky hint of what you had for lunch earlier is not too pleasant a reminder when you lean over to whisper sweet nothings.  the two cups of coffee you had? that would be enough to give someone a caffeine kick the moment you open your mouth.  one can even easily tell what flavor that bag of chips you had for snacks was.   morning breath is the worst.   a stick of cigarette, too.  oh and beer can be intoxicating to someone who does not drink.  start talking and the whiff is enough.

colgate is the leading toothpaste brand in our part of the world.  when a kid is asked to go to a sari-sari store  (smallest of convenience stores)  to buy toothpaste,  she would most likely ask for colgate.  she actually means any brand of toothpaste. 

you are not frugal by any means. you just know when to give up on your tube of toothpaste before opening a new one. you work hard for your money and throwing away a there-is-one-more-brushing-in-there-if-i-squeeze-real-hard tube is like throwing away your hard-earned money.  so you huff and you puff and you give it your all.  you twist and turn the tube and curl it all the way up.  the tube ends up in a fetal curl.  you give it one final push.

you are rewarded with that last squeeze of paste.  isn't that awesome?


  1. How very true indeed when we generalize terms like Colgate for any brand of toothpaste. I just know that Pinoys in general take anyone's breath away for that matter. Imagine when the movie 'Titanic' came out; we had our own version called 'Tatay (ni) Nick'; the movie, 'Home Alone'; our version was "Home Along (da) Riles"; pastry shop, "Red Robin" became "Red Ribbon", etc.
    This may seem ridiculously funny but it does take one's breath away.
    Truly, we have a unique ingenuity about us that makes us proud of who we are...I am, afterall, a Pinoy at heart!

  2. Well I don't know about all that take your breath away referenced above, but i do when it comes to running and seeing sites one has never seen, as in the land downunder. I remember running that race and thought what a great idea, taking a camera along and stopping to take pictures of those things that take your breath away. Not sure I could ever bring myself to do that as I am so much into my time :)

    Oh, as far as colgate goes-its Crest for me :)