Monday, October 17, 2011

# 41 when a child is born.....

a tiny star lights up way up high.....

christmas is indeed in the air as this christmas carol is being played on the radio too often now. a birth of a child brings to mind an old family story that has been passed on countless times.  it is popsie's story.  popsie is the kids' grandfather.  the story tells of his longing to have a son after a first-born daughter.  popsie was, for a time, an avid cockfighter.  in our part of the world, cockfighting is some kind of a national sport. a form of gambling, too.  on mamam's second pregnancy, popsie prepared his prized gamecock for the big fight. he placed his bet on a son this time around.  he bet big. and lost big. on the third, he bet again. and lost again. the cycle went on. until he gave up.  it was a losing game for him.

collectively, we are known as the first generation girls-girls-girls, popsie's term of endearment for his brood of five girls.  the second generation girls-girls-girls came courtesy of the grandchildren - five not-so-little-anymore charmers. today, they are joined by an adorable hours-old pink bundle of joy.

 she opened her eyes and everyone fell in love with her.

spotlight was on our little doll  as she was  wheeled closer to the viewing window. 

yangi, wawa and gugud excitedly take pictures of the newest kid in town.

in the olden times, instamatics used films to take pictures and developing them took ages.  organizing the pictures meant voluminous albums that weighed a ton. in the megapixel world of iBaby, digital pictures take just a wink of an eye. a gazillion shots are recorded.  today's albums? they are as light as feathers.

the diary is a school requirement.  yangi named her diary cherry.  today's entry is a message of thanks for her baby sister - 'thank you so much, Lord God, Mama Mary, St. Jhudiel and Jesus.'

wawa's entry says ' my baby sister is born.  she is so cute.  i wonder if she will look like me when she grows up.  now i am an ate (older sister).
  i am not the youngest anymore.'

when a child is born, a star shines way up high.  high up in heaven where popsie and mamam would be smiling.  popsie would have lost again if cockfighting was allowed in heaven.  it is okay, pops, she has your nose.  

girls-girls-girls latest member is the family tree's newest twig.  girl power! isn't that awesome?


  1. What a very cute new addition to the girls-girls-girls saga. In my family, just the opposite, boys-boys-boys. Being the only girl had its advantages but then again not. So, as there are not boys to compete with here, it is safe to say without a doubt that GIRLZ RULE! :) Isn't that awesome!

  2. She is a red bundle of joy :)