Saturday, November 5, 2011

# 46 kidtexting, part 1

such a different scenario from the past! kids and cellphones, they go together now like mac and cheese or spaghetti and meatballs.

must be a text brigade going on with their classmates. has to be one or why would they be at it non-stop, keys clicking away.  sometimes, they spring a surprise on you with a random text.

wawa's toys are in baskets, plastic containers, bags and boxes.  they are grouped according to type.  she keeps track of her toys.  she knows which bag or basket has which toy.  sometimes, a toy gets lost. can't be helped.  it would be months, even years, before she remembers it and decides she wants it.  adamant about it, too.

she posts a drawing and sends this text announcing her loss. a reward is offered.
size          :   somewhat small
color        :   yellow and blue
it is a TOY.
if found, please return to  wawa
contact nos. : 0922**61**9
reward         : P22.50

there is nothing like the excitement over a first job. for most of us, it does not come till after graduation from college. some kids are lucky to have summer jobs. yangi was one of the lucky ones this past summer.  her job was to fax invitations to a seminar.  given a list of selected companies, she buckled down to the task at hand. her dedication was complete and wholehearted.  she thought of a name for her company that offers faxing services. FARTS - faxing agency republic towards symphony.  she even made a sign for herself with her designation. 

 a faxer and proudly so!  her (not so long) text says it all!
faxing is so exciting! you could feel the excitement when you dial the number. you can feel the excitement when you hear the ring. you could feel the excitement when you hear a person answer. you could feel the excitement when you ask for the fax tone.  you could feel the excitement when you click send. faxing is just so exciting!!!!

random text messages from kids.... isn't that awesome?


  1. Kids are funny that way, you know the saying about "what comes out of the mouths of kids" well I guess the same can be said for texting na. It is hard to believe what modern technology has done to society in general. I sure hope the fish shows up and I know if I ever need a "faxer" I know where I can go :)

  2. That LIaa, she is the kenkoy one. Who would have thought of such a name for her company "FART", really? Kenkoy! Good times, Good times!