Friday, November 18, 2011

# 49 miracle baby!

all love begins and ends with motherhood - robert browning

but what is one to do when motherhood is elusive?  when the yearning is profound but the realization is beyond the bounds of possibility? modern science intervenes. the introduction of scientific resources has allowed for expectancies once deemed to be impossibilities.  sometimes, it works. sometimes, not.  while in the beginning, it is an option,  in the end, it is more faith than science. when science founders, faith prevails. the only true miracle is believing in God's infinite glory.  and so she came to be.  our miracle baby.  today she turns seven.

neenee may have been born in the US but she takes pride in her roots. often mistaken as chinese or korean, she would proudly proclaim that she is from the philippines.  she has promised to save up for another vacation back home.  it takes a long time for her to warm up in the guise of bashfulness. in her spirited moments, however, she can whip up a dance and song number.  in the middle of a mall, no less. this kid refuses to be called a baby. a couple of birthdays ago, she declared with insistence that she wants to be referred to as a lady.  

 neenee's only visit (so far)  to the philippines was in the summer of 2007 when she was two.  what is a vacation without the requisite face in the hole picture? 

the distance between neenee and her cousins is bridged by technology.  skype allows them to share special moments. even those lazy sunday mornings, too.

mamam did not live to see neenee.  she would have taken care of her as she did tete, yangi and gugud. apprised of the efforts to have a baby, mamam left heartening words before her passing. do not worry, she said, the baby will come. two years after,  neenee made her much-anticipated entrance.  everyone who saw her were astounded at her striking resemblance to mamam.

happy birthday, my dear neenee, i love you. you truly are a miracle baby! the joy you bring into this world is beyond any expression of the written word. beyond any articulation of the spoken word. do not grow up so fast.  in a wink of an eye, we have witnessed a strong-minded-eager-to-be-older youngster stepping into the shoes of that curly-haired spunky little moppet that we remember you by.  

neenee at seven....a kid at heart even when the notion of the teen years fascinates her.  isn't that awesome?


  1. Any new life is to be celebrated. Be thankful for each day we have as one knows life is a gift that should not be taken for granted.