Tuesday, August 23, 2011

# 27 two words..... i do

shining shimmering splendid on a magic carpet ride !! aladdin's song to jasmin.  that must exactly how one would feel.  on a magic carpet ride - soaring, tumbling, freewheeling !  

in that magical moment, everything around you will be a blur, you are told.  life-changing is what this one defining moment is.  from that day forth, you are a new person, they say.  it is long in coming.  people have been expecting you to do it but you take your time - ever so sweetly.  you are not in a hurry, you tell them. when the time is ripe, you will know it in your heart. you dream of that day with mixed emotions. you long for that day yet there is some gnawing fear. it consumes every bit of you. you prepare for it like you have never prepared for anything else.   every waking moment, you think of it. it is not even simple thinking. you theorize. you speculate. you visualize.  you deliberate.  how much harder can thinking be? when night comes, you lay your head on your pillow with even more thoughts of it.

you have many choices, several of them. you certainly would want to do it on foreign shores. somewhere cold but not quite piercing and shivery cold. you like the cold climate.  you have had enough of the hot and humid weather.  you turn sentimental and have second thoughts.  maybe it should be in your home city with family around.  yes, that would be the right thing to do. you may change your mind again later, who knows?  women do.  change our minds in a wink of an eye, that is. we get away with it, too.

you know the vow -- in sickness and in health, in good times and bad,  in times of failure and times of triumph.   you take the words to heart.  you know there will always be humps and bumps, hiccups and burps along this journey.  

one day you wake up and it hits you. the time has come. you are ready now. you can feel it in your heart and in your body.  they say you can only prepare so much for it. the rest is faith.  the moment arrives!! someone pops the question.

do you see yourself going the full distance of a full marathon?

you know there are but two words........i do.

in that one magical moment, the carpet ride of your life is ready for take-off. somewhere shining shimmering splendid, it shall bring you! soaring tumbling freewheeling, you shall be!  where asphalt is your carpet, you shall fly!  on the wings of love for running, you shall soar.  chasing your marathon dream.  isn't that awesome? 


  1. Quite an interesting blog-not so sure I am getting it all? Am I missing something I think to my self, am I reading into it what I want? Hmmmm...what to think of this blog. So, I stumble along and wait to see :)

  2. A fascinating commentary...awe-inspiring!

    I DO - two simple words that reverberate into one's soul. These words usually denote a promise between 2 hearts. A pledge, a commitment to share one's life with another.

    Or perhaps, these 2 words can also mean a covenant, an affirmation to one's self that something will be done - i.e. setting a goal, running the race, completing a course, etc.

    Whatever the reasons are behind these 2 words, it most definitely incites the individual to take action, to achieve the unimaginable, to take a leap of faith.

    Now that is amazing !!! :))