Friday, August 12, 2011

# 23 bursting a bubble !!

literally. bursting. a. bubble.

let us keep things simple. no confusing techy talk analyzing the bits and bytes of the internet bubble nor the highly philosophical interpretation of the bubble of happiness.  we are not experts on these. let us talk gums. not the one inside your mouth. leave that to your dentist. it is the one that is blown out of your mouth. the one that bubbles. bubbles and bursts.

big in flavor and color, bubble gums are a constant companion in good times and bad.  we pop one into our mouths when anxiety threatens to knock us out. stress levels are kept low chewing on an artificially-colored piece.  overflowing joy over some good news blends in with its savory and sugary smell.  yes, artificial smell, too.  the cluck and pop of a burst bubble is a source of amusement. when we have nothing to do, we chew. when we have tons to do, we chew even more.   we start out young with them and blow bubbles well into adulthood.

despite the shrill shouts of gugud and wawa to keep blowing, yangi can't make the bubble grow any bigger.  her air-busting effort is but a small fraction of the 26-inch bubble that holds the guinness world record.

messy remnants of a burst bubble
 a burst bubble and a mess - they come together like coffee and cream.

once in a while, we face up to the challenge of blowing the biggest bubble. we know it is a losing game but we give it a try.  just for the fun of it.  we start out small. and end up small.  simple joy!  isn't that awesome?


  1. well, i hope this girl will keep on blowing bubbles, never stop trying, and keep her dream alive, that someday, she will blow the biggest bubble.

  2. MMMMAAAHHHHNNN!!!! That is one big bubble :)