Thursday, August 4, 2011

# 20 swift like taylor !!!

meet the crew:
gugud - president
yangi  - vice-president
wawa - secretary
tete    - honorary on-and-off member

collectively and exclusively, they are the members of the taylor swift fans club, local neighborhood chapter.  they breathe taylor.  they are taylor-made.

all four club members are in the car.  one of them plays a taylor song on her cellphone and everybody sings along. the song is new to your ears. it is taylor's latest release, they say. the kids sing out the lyrics from start to finish. it is amazing how these kids are quick to learn a new taylor swift song.  they only need to listen to it once and their inner ear stores the lyrics on default. the next time they hit the play button, an impromptu sing-along is launched.  kids nowadays do not need to look up lyrics, they just retrieve it from the memory disk stored in their inner ear. just like kids nowadays do not read instruction manuals. they know how to operate gadgets straight out of the box.   they are swift that way. just like taylor. 

yangi peruses a taylor fan magazine. she informs us that more shows are being cancelled as taylor is still battling bronchitis.

 gugud has a complete collection of taylor's CD releases.  emulating taylor's likeness, gugud opted to have guitar lessons during the summer.  slowed down by several distractions, her  taylor swift showpiece of a song will have to wait another summer while her guitar gathers dust.

when taylor visited the philippines early this year as part of her asian tour, we flew all the way to manila to watch the show.  let me rephrase that - the kids watched the show; we stayed outside the concert venue waiting for them. the tatti-sponsored tickets were only good for the four kids. putting her index finger and thumb an inch apart, wawa said 'taylor was this small' from where they were seated. so small that she almost looked like an ant, she said.   miniature taylor had tete, yangi and gugud jumping and  screaming themselves hoarse.  it is their taylor onstage after all !! no matter how lilliputian she may be, no scream can be loud enough. at its peak, the decibel level inside the coliseum could easily match that of a 100,000-strong audience. the venue only has a 16,500 capacity with the SRO crowd stretching it out to 20,000.

it is a breather to have a celebrity who is well-grounded. young stars are in a rush to grow up, perhaps blinded by the glare of the spotlights.  they forget that there are equally young fans who mimic their every move. for now, the kids have taylor - sweet, youthful and unoffending.  isn't that awesome?


  1. We all have fans out there but maybe we just don't know it. It is awesome to have someone to look up to and want to be like, it makes us all a better person and in the end we hope it makes the world a better place :)

  2. i love the hair of the girl to the left most. just like taylor's, just black. nice, nice.