Sunday, August 21, 2011

# 26 he said, she said !!

take the lyrics of this song and this song, put them together in a big bowl. add a teaspoon of honey, a slice of mozarella, a handful of cherries and you have one cheesy and syrupy love story.

she thinks he has the most beautiful smile of all.  he thinks when she looks at him, she sees things nobody else can see.  he says  ‘she does not judge, she just takes me as i am.’  she says  ‘he took all the worries and fears that i had.’  ‘she makes me love myself a little more,’ he says.  ‘he makes me feel things will work out just fine,’ she says.  he said ‘i see my dreams shining in her eyes.’   she said ‘he brought the sun to shine in my life.’  she believes he came at the right time in her life.  he believes her love has opened a door.  she knows that it’s not everyday that someone like him comes her way.   he knows that she simply lets him be and goes right on loving him.

like scenes out a disney movie, his song and her song pieced together tells of a love story so sweet and sappy.   it is enough to cause your blood sugar levels to hit the ceiling.  soap opera, anyone?

she wondered ‘how did you know i needed someone like you in my life?’  he just knew in his heart.  ‘is it going to be forever?’, she asked.  'forever,' he said, ‘come what may.’

when friendship becomes love, today becomes forever. once in a while such story happens to people you know.   it knows no age nor race. it just happens.  but only once in one's lifetime.  the stuff love stories are made of.  isn't that awesome?

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  1. "When friendship becomes love, today becomes forever" , you my friend could write for Hallmark :) You have always had a way with words, a way with vidjo, a way with thoughts and emotions. ITA!!!!