Friday, August 5, 2011

# 21 spellbound !!!

you have yet to read his books.  you are introduced to one of his works;  it comes with a good recommendation.  a must read you are told. you put it aside thinking you would come back for it sometime. it would take months. there are other titles more appealing, more covers on the shelf that seem to beckon you like a lighthouse to a passing ship. his books can wait. or so you thought.  one day, you get curious and finally open his book.  the prologue holds promise.

such promise indeed !! nail-biting suspense, heart-thumping thriller, cliff-hanging storyline, bone-chilling drama, mind-twisting whodunits - okay, enough said of meltzer's books.

captive - that's you after reading his first book. you are held hostage by the pages. you have errands to do but you can't do anything else until the last page has been flipped. the last line finally brings you that sigh of relief as you dab the sweat off your brows.  calm now, you tell your beating heart, it is over. the good guy has won - wounded, dazed and bloodied but victorious. you know you have to get a hold of his other books and you know exactly where to go.

booksale is a haven for book hounds whose tight budgets forbid them to buy new books. this nook has treats for everyone - fiction, non-fiction, soft bounds, hard bounds, cookbooks, maps, children's books, magazines, review books.  it takes a lot of searching but you find a couple more of meltzer's books here. you swoop them up and head straight to the cashier.

there is only one book missing in your meltzer collection. you know you will find it the next time you go to booksale. a good price for a good read. isn't that awesome?


  1. Maaahhhnn! I was "sweating bullets" just reading this description of all the thrilling things that can happen in these books. How do you do it, how do you keep your heart rate down and your pulse under control :) Good times, Good times!

  2. brad meltzer's number 36.28th fan!!!!!!