Monday, September 26, 2011

# 36 eat all you KHAN !!

speaking of mongols, there is one other mongol who is a mall fixture. kublai is his name.  kublai khan.

it is one of your favorite restaurants.  it is the kids' number one choice, too. well, maybe not quite as it is a toss-up between this mongolian delight and a chinese dimsum feast for them.  the concept of this place is simple. you get to choose the ingredients for your meal.  sauces and spices, meat and vegetables, rice and noodles. these are all displayed on the counter for you to choose from.  it is all your making. calculated guessing would be more like it.  you pick out everything you want and hand over your bowl to the cook who lights the fire.  that is all the cook does.  lights the fire and mixes the bowl's contents.  nothing else  is added;  you have chosen that yourself.  you go back to your table and wait.

the right mix of sauces and spices will make or break your meal.  it takes some serious thought before you scoop out your choices.   

you have no problem with the meat options;  you seek out your favorites.

a section of the counter reminds you to stay healthy, eat vegetables.   you throw some into your bowl to mix with the noodles.

some expert handling is needed to keep the stuff from spilling out.  there you have it !! with some balancing techniques, your meal is ready for the cooking.

yes, you get it.  you only have yourself to blame if your meal does not taste exactly the way you want it to.  no fault of the cook.

after a few minutes of waiting,  you have one hot and steamy bowl in front of you. you can't wait to dig in.

one spoonful (a chopstick-ful actually) and you know you nailed it!! it is Perfection with a capital P! a fusion of spices that teases your palate.  not too spicy, not too salty. steam escapes and you breathe in such savory aroma from your bowl.  you almost burn your tongue in your haste to take another chopstick-ful. 

and the final nicety bringing your meal to perfection? you are not paying; a friend is treating you out.  isn't that awesome?


  1. my sauce :)
    *2 laddles teriyaki
    *2 laddles oyster
    *2 laddles barbecue
    *1 laddle ginger lemon
    *6 spoons calamansi
    *10 spoons sugar
    *4 spoons ginger

  2. Bankga at its best di ba? I guess that is where the kenkoys will want to go on my next visit. I am up to the challenge. I don't consider myself much of a cook but I certainly can pick out some "stuff" that I like and put it in a bowl. But, if I have to try and get my food from this bowl to my mouth with a chopstick I may starve :)