Friday, September 16, 2011

# 33 somebody is coming to town !!

so you better watch out, you better not cry and you better not pout !

i am telling you why. a few decades back, there were no big names in the quick-serve restaurant industry in cebu.  they were all in the country's capital city of manila. business traffic was high there. back then, cebu was deemed to be lacking in action which translated into weak feasibility of any business venture. QSR franchisees flocked to manila like bees to honey.  even big local brands, jollibee, red ribbon and goldilocks, were not ready to bring their businesses to our part of the country at that time.  if you want a taste of that burger or that doughnut you see on tv, you have to ask around if someone is going to manila and shamelessly ask for pasalubong (present).  any manila-bound relative is obliged to bring a box of dunkin' donuts to an eagerly waiting family back home. at the airport arrival area,  you would most likely bump into a kenny roger's take-out box or a goldilocks bag of goodies-carrying gal who seems to be strutting her trappings too exaggeratedly (the better for her prized treats to be seen by all).

then the winds changed.  in the latter part of 1993, two of the country's largest malls opened its doors to the cebuanos. cebu became the new manila!  this meant the arrival of the big names.  they all came marchin' in with all the fanfare.  how the cebuano people embraced them!  it was almost bordering on frenzy.  there was a mad dash for the food counters; lines were long and table turnover was fast.

through the years, the trend continued. a new brand would open shop and the cebuanos would give it a warm welcome. yes, we are a very hospitable people. everyone came but one.  but not for long now.

you crave for krispy kreme doughnuts. they are heavenly - absolutely and wickedly so! and sinfully caloric, too! just having one makes you guilty of the eighth deadly sin.  it is that one brand that has steered clear of your own home city.

at the entrance to the active zone of the ayala mall, the green, red and white logo joyfully announces the much-awaited news. finally!! it is coming to town!! its corner of the mall is closed off while it is being fixed. it is expected to open in november. soon, there will be a quick glaze to your krispy kreme fix. you think about the calories. you very well know that the calorie count of one piece (flavor-specific) is between 200 and 440. but who is counting?  cebuanos are.  counting the days till it opens its doors.

in the meantime, you patiently wait. it will be worth the wait.  a krispy kreme whenever you want it.  isn't that awesome?


  1. I'm just waiting for Jollibee's to storm Topeka :) oh and what is that goldilocks? Isn't that a kid's story :) Ha ha, good times, good times!