Wednesday, September 7, 2011

# 31 that which we call a rose....

by any name would smell as sweet!  juliet could not have said it any better to her romeo.

a rose by any color would look as beautiful, too.   as enchanting as the flower of its name is, rose (the color) carries its own charm.  on the color wheel, rose is the color halfway between red and magenta. there are several variations of this color - copper rose, french rose, lavender rose to name a few. there is one that stands out, one that you like best of all - old rose.  everything in your old room was old rose or a gradation of the color. there is something in the color that speaks to you, a vibrancy that jumps at you and springs every little thing to life.

there are many shades of old rose for the picking but this is the one for you. it would seem dull to many but it is bright and peppy to you.  it looks old-ish to some (it is not called old rose for nothing) but it spells everything young to you.

the kids know you like the color.  in a moment of inspired creativity showing their penchant for play and art, they whip out their own interpretation of your favorite color.  their imagination knows no bounds. there is continuity in their storyline, too, one picking up where the other left off.  in an instant, you have free-flowing imagery and a hilarious tale.  these kids think they are funny.

when a rose gets old, says wawa, it sits in a big armchair with a pair of glasses and a ball of yarn.  this is crochet the old rose way.

and when the rose becomes all bent, says yangi, the cane becomes a necessity.  how else can an old rose wander without being led by the cane?

 the cane will soon be replaced by the wheelchair, says tete, the better for the old rose to cruise along corridors and walkways.

it will get worse according to gugud.  medication will be needed  to sustain its  life.  gone is its young and carefree life;  sick and bedridden it has become.
it has lived up to its name, an old rose to the end.

sometimes, it takes an innocent remark to set off an endless exchange of goofiness among kids.  maybe a comic drawing here, an awkward dance move there.  or a spontaneous spongebob-squidward repartee here, an ad-libbed song there. randomness followed by a burst of laughter. such a welcome breather from all that we in the adult world have to deal with! who was it who belted out the line let the children's laughter remind us of how we used to be?  ah, whitney houston.  it is contagious, too.  no, not whitney's song.  children's laughter is.

an old rose to spark good spirits on an otherwise ordinary day.  isn't that awesome?


  1. I can remember the day I learned of this color "old rose", never had really given it much thought prior to. But, now I know how precious of a color it is to one very special "old lady" and as the baby says, you know what comes after adult, "old age". But if one can age gracefully as the color old rose has, then so be it. It is what it is, so enjoy the color, enjoy the drawings, enjoy the dance, enjoy it all as one day we will be "old" :)