Saturday, September 24, 2011

# 35 this mongol's life !

the most famous mongol, genghis khan, rose from slavery to conquer some parts of the world.  the movie, MONGOL, chronicled his conquests.

this mongol that merits a blog entry of its own continues to conquer our part of the world to this day. it has shaped the lives of millions of filipinos, if not all filipinos. this mongol is destined to be the most learned of all as its life is dedicated to the academe. it helps mould the very young of our country and chisels them into literacy. in some instances, they are chiseled the wrong way. not this mongol's fault.

MONGOL is the most popular pencil brand in the philippines. when a kid starts nursery, she is introduced to her first mongol.  everyday she comes home and shows off scribbles and doodles and jellylike forms that her unsteady hands have created. your heart overflows with pride. in its ambiguity, you see precious works of art. you paste them on your wall till there is no space left. over time, the abstracts become clearly defined shapes, numbers and letters. in no time, they evolve into words, phrases and sketches. there will be several more mongols for this little kid before she graduates to the BIC ballpen.  that BIC is another story.

second grader wawa likes to use her pencils till the eraser and lead tips are within an inch of each other.  this is  a clear and convincing sign that she is  a:) copying pages upon pages of notes; ergo, serious with her studies and  b:) learning at a young age the need to maximize the use of things. 

yangi and gugud do the same with their mongols, too.  they are ballpen users now but still have a mongol or two.  one time, yangi's teacher saw her using a short pencil and offered her a longer one.  she politely refused.  

education is not only our best defense for life's journey. education is a journey in itself.  the quest for education starts with a MONGOL.  isn't that awesome?


  1. ITA! You said it best as you usually do :) We do not have that brand here, in fact can't even off the top of my head think of a brand, let me look in my desk....just as I suspected-not a one. Only pens and mechanical pencils-that way the lead is always sharp and to the point :) ITA!