Thursday, June 23, 2011

# 7 the color purple

an article by philippine star columnist and talk show host, jessica zafra (, once made reference to giving names to objects, be it gadgets or toys or even cars, the latter being my add-on.  she had a name for her first Mac and when it died on her, she was quick to name the next one that came into her possession.  the main purpose of this name-giving is to invoke the object's (presumed) sense of loyalty and reliability, measured, hopefully, not only in months but in years.  if one is lucky,  it may even be stretched out beyond the short life of present day's dizzying upgrades and new releases. 

giving names to inanimate objects may be unusual to many but as the voss would say 'whatever floats your boat,' after all, cool and sleek eddie is her prized and pampered four-wheeled baby.  likewise, yangi, dudud and wawa have names for each one of their multiple-piece LPS collections. taking heed of ms. zafra's advice, my running shoes (saucony's all, thanks, voss! ) took on different personae, the better to huff and puff on many a race route. the first pair was nameless, the need to give a name lost in the excitement over the gift of a brand new footwear. iggy was second and after a few training runs, was decidedly the race-day shoes.  cony was designated as the training pair.

this new buddy's name is simply pol, taken from its color, purple. 

more finish lines to cross with pol !! isn't that awesome?


  1. purpol, nice, I like the vibe.

  2. Isn't that Awesome indeed! Eddie is my prized 4 wheel companion and he hs yet to fail me :) I can see how naming something of this sort may seem odd to some but to me (and others obviously) it brings some special meaning to the object-and in the case of Eddie-I make sure he is shined and looking good at all times! By the way, nice shoes!