Wednesday, June 22, 2011

# 6 collect all 5 !!!

a double take....that's what happens when you see one of those eye-catchers on a grocery shelf -- a very cute basketball and and an equally cute soccer ball right beside it!  and wait, is that another ball behind it? you tell yourself you are not a sucker for those impractical and unusable marketing ploys and yet the balls endear themselves to you.  in a practically hypnotic spell, you reach out for one. just one, you tell yourself.

each ball comes with a one-kilo pack of MILO

in a heartbeat, five 1-kg packs are in your cart like a typhoon advisory has been issued and you are panic buying.  that's more than you would need for the next quarter of the year. for a split second, a guilt trip snakes its way into your consciousness but you shake it away. you tell yourself, it is not just any chocolate drink, it is THE chocolate drink of your childhood and yes, you know the lyrics of the jingle and aren't the balls so adorable?  if you buy one pack at a time, the balls might be all gone. without turning back, you go straight to the next aisle, all 5 packs securely piled up in your cart.

you can't resist the urge to collect all 5, impulse buying be damned !

a toast to marketing gurus and the suckers who keep them goin' !!!  isn't that awesome?


  1. Awesome, cute, creative.

  2. nice, 5kg of chocolate milk, nice, nice

  3. Voss/Teacher VickiJune 26, 2011 at 1:18 AM

    Cool collection, I think I need this for my house :)