Friday, June 10, 2011

# 3 joy to the world !!

it isn't christmas but joy comes any day of the year.  joy comes from far or near and far can be 8195 miles (distance from topeka, KS to cebu city - thanks, voss!).  joy comes in many forms. joy can even come in pieces -- ALMOND JOY pieces, to be exact.  Milk chocolate, coconut and almonds in multi-colored (okay, just 3 colors) crunchy candy shells, never mind if eating 46 pieces of those teeny weenie AJ's accounts for 200 calories.  if one gets to eat them only once a year, who's counting?

barely a day after receiving this joyful caloric package, the last candy shell has been crunched. tete and yangi (who do not eat AJ bars at all) think that AJ pieces are way yummier.

an AJ surpise -- isn't that awesome??


  1. AJ's are the bomb! No matter where we eat them, here, there, everywhere :)

  2. I agree, this is better than the bars. ;)