Thursday, June 16, 2011

# 5 dog ears (not of the canine specie) !

what could push the REWIND button more than randomly finding something that reminds one of the good ole' high school days.  back then, the book report was a staple requirement of our english class.  a book was chosen on the merits of richness of theme and passion of author.  that one year, we were introduced to the genius of leon uris.

seeing this book among a collection of paperbacks built up in recent years, i can only shake my head, baffled and bewildered, as to how that book report was completed.  the introduction part was easy, i am sure but was i able to single out each character's distinct trait? did i have a firm grasp of the storyline enough to make my own interpretation and opinion of the main plot? 

who reads leon uris in high school nowadays?? 

thirty-four years after the deadline-beating submission of the compulsory book report , this uris masterpiece stands mighty and proud, albeit, hanging by its cover.

this oldie, pages turning golden yellow through the years and bearing that very distinct kept-in-the-closet-for-too-long old book scent, dog ears and all, is a gem of a possession. 

randomly pushing a high school REWIND button !! isn't that awesome??


  1. You kept your high school book?! I know a person who didn't even finish any of her high school books and doesn't even know or care as to where they are. And she's still high school!!!!!!

  2. I would have to agree-You kepy your hs book. Maaahhhnn! I barely have kept any ofd my college books. But come to think of it-I never even read this book-was it a good one??