Friday, January 20, 2012

# 55 fuel food!!!

fuel:  any material burned to supply heat or power
food : nourishment taken into the body
fuel food : nourishment to supply power to the body

when the road ahead is long (as in a procession, see previous post), well-meaning street entrepeneurs peddle food (with  jacked-up prices, naturally) to fuel the body. lest the kids feign hunger-induced wooziness and bolt from the line, several pit stops are mapped out to partake of the varied options on display.  food carts are visible every hundred meters along the whole stretch of the route.

 sweet corn on a cob a-boiling while you wait is a crowd drawer.  a brush of melting butter makes eating it quite a mess but its natural sweetness is a come-on.  

the kids had to stop several times for their favorite munchie -- peanuts!  the bike-mounted showcase had peanuts of different varieties - salted, coated, spicy or sweet.  they each get a teeny-weenie brown bag of their peanuts of choice.

this heart-shaped hanging oddity is locally known as pusô,  literal translationheart.  coconut leaves are weaved; rice grains are poured into an opening and cooked in the usual way rice is cooked. not far from the puso, one will most likely find an array of of the local version of the barbecue.  

what better excuse to ease the weary feet than a brief stopover for a snack.  isn't that awesome?


  1. I like peanuts, I like cashews, I like pistachios, may I have a bag of each ma'am :) You know it doesn't matter where you are in the world, if there are kids and you are out and about at something you (the adult) will be buying snacks. Oh, it does not matter what you are doing, walking in a procession, or just walking :) Yes, Nanna that is awesome. My question has always been, where did this tradition get started, I remember thinking when I was a kid, when do we get to stop and get a "snack" :) Good times, Good times!

  2. in the Philippines (metro Manila)... food carts galore (maybe not every one hundred meters either). Its a win-win business. Somebody is always hungry. :)